August Meeting 2015

BWG Next Meeting

The Next BWG meeting will be August 1st
Meeting Time: 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM - $10 fee at the door
Kim and Dean Hutchins
Surface Enhancements & Piercing
We will explore a number of surface enhancement techniques including carving, texturing, burning, and coloring using the natural grain patterns of the wood. We will also demonstrate our piercing techniques and demonstrate the technique used to turn a pieced thin enough for piercing (typically less than 1/8”). As part of the demonstration a number of rotary tools, reciprocating carvers, and high-speed pneumatic carvers will be utilized and discussed. Through surface techniques, ordinary works and plain hardwoods can be enhanced and those little mishaps can be covered or converted into interesting features. With just a few simple techniques and a little practice, any turner will be able to add these techniques to the their list of options when finishing a turning. A sampling of our work can be found on our site http://woodturninginc.com.
Location: Hayesville High School
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Welcome to the Brasstown Woodturners Guild (Est. 1993)
The Brasstown Woodturners Guild meets on the first Saturday of each month at Hayesville High School.  Top notch woodturning demonstrators are featured each month.  Meetings begin at 10 AM unless otherwise noted and guests are welcome.  A fee of $5 or $10 is collected at the door for each meeting.  For a map and directions click on the 'Map' menu item at left.

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