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June 23-26 — AAW says that there is free admission to the Trade Show (vendor booths), the Instant Gallery, and the Exhibits (not sure what that encompasses). No meeting in July August 6, 2022 – Terrence Croft will demonstrate making a flower from a birch branch. He said it will involve thin turning and some… Continue reading What’s up next?

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Robert Marshall’s gallery

I have been turning since 2014, starting out with a Jet 1236, and then upgrading in 2016 to a Grizzly G0766. My shop is in Clayton, GA, not far from our house on Lake Burton. I enjoy turning heavily spalted woods, and finishing with epoxy coating. Click on any of the image thumbnails above, to… Continue reading Robert Marshall’s gallery

Mosaic hollow-form

This project was inspired by one of Philip Moulthrop’s hollow-forms, which I saw in an exhibition at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. The project begins with a simple hollow-form which will serve as the base for the mosaic work. This base can be any wood at all; it will be almost entirely carved away in the… Continue reading Mosaic hollow-form