Trying out a new shape

I had a piece of Sabicu (an exotic from the Caribbean islands), that Talmadge Murphey brought to our April meeting. Roughly 10″ square, about 3″ thick. I decided to try a ‘square’ bowl, something new for me.

Who made all that mess in my shop?

I trued the square on my table saw, found the center, and mounted it on a 6″ faceplate. I rounded the bottom, so that it slopes up from the base (a 5″ tenon), to the corners of the square, keeping the points of the corners intact. Then I reversed it, using the tenon, and turned it to the shape seen below.

The tips of the corners are in line with the rim of the bowl in the center. Turned upside down, the tips and the bowl rim rest on a flat surface. Project is unfinished at this point. A pair of knots on one side were lost during turning; probably should have glued them in.

Safety consideration: at about 1000 rpm, the unrounded tips of this block of wood become dangerous to your fingers. Watch the ‘ghost’ image carefully while working on it.

Robert started woodturning in 2015, after retiring from law practice and software development work. His woodworking shop, Black Rock Woodworks, is in Clayton, Georgia, where he resides on Lake Burton.