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February 4, 2023 — Matt Monaco, a professional bowlturner from the Ozarks of SW Missouri (photo, at left), will demonstrate tool use and tool grinding techniques. Mark will be coming to us straight from a week-long class he’s giving at the Folk School, covering the same topics and more. (All meetings, unless otherwise specified, are… Continue reading What’s up next?

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2020 Newsletters

2020 was a year of Covid pandemic, cancelled meetings, Zoom on-line demonstrations, and generally muddling through as best we could. Our newsletters for 2020 are linked below; click on a link to open each newsletter in its own tab. January – Rudy Lopez demonstration BWG202001-Newsletter February – Bob Baucom demonstration BWG202002-Newsletter BWG202002-Newsletter-Handout-Baucom-balloon-project BWG202002-Newsletter-Handout-Turning-Bird-Feeder-Ornament March –… Continue reading 2020 Newsletters